Hey, I am happy to see you here! I am Lauriane, 28-year-old woman born and raised in south of France and now expatriate in California since 2022.

I started drawing portraits in 2020 in my apartment in Paris. I was searching for a new job and looking for new hobbies during that time. First for fun and then it quickly became a genuine passion. I was drawing portraits of my friends, my family, my mom, and then I started to share them on Instagram. Then, everything grew so fast! I opened my Etsy Shop in August 2020 and quickly created my own shop in early October 2020. The first Christmas season has been incredible for my small business! I quickly stopped my job search and "Elise Agency" became my full-time job.

I have spend five years studying marketing and communication and absolutely never thought about entrepreneurship, what I almost missed! Entrepreneurship is terrifying, an emotional rollercoaster, but how I feel proud of myself at the end of the day is the best reward in the world.

I hope you will love my creations as much as I do and that you will have a chance to offer one of them to the people you love the most.