from france to california

Inspired by life,
Living for the good,
Always on the go.

I grew up in the south of France but I always felt like I needed to see the world. I moved to the north of France, then in Paris, and then here I am California!

I started drawing portraits in my appartment in Paris, I was searching for a new job and looking for new hobbies during that research time. First for fun and then it quickly became an addiction. I was drawing portraits of my friends, my family, my mom, and then I started to post them online. And everything grew so fast! I opened my Etsy Shop in August 2020 and quickly created my own shop in early October 2020. The first Christmas season has been incredible for my small business, hundreds of orders each week, it has been absolutely amazing! Then I stopped my job search and it became my full-time job for my biggest thrill.

I have spend five long years studying marketing and communication and never thought about entrepreneurship! What I almost missed! Entrepreneurship is a fabulous experience that I absolutely recommand to try once. It is terrifying, an emotional rollercoaster everyday, but how you feel proud of yourself is the best reward in the world.